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March 24, 2016 11:59 AM

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Hayden Panettiere didn’t put too much pressure on herself to lose baby weight – and her healthy attitude has obviously worked out for her.

“The more that you give yourself grace, the better that you feel,” the actress, 26, told PEOPLE.

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“You go through the, ‘I’m not going to eat,’ ‘I’m not going to eat this,’ ‘I’m not going to eat that,’ ” she continues. “Part of [losing the weight] is mind, body and spirit. Spirit’s a huge part of it, so being happy and being content [helps].”

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Going back to work on her hit show Nashville also helped her drop the baby weight.

“I’m standing on my feet on the show for sometimes hours in a day,” she explains.

For added exercise, Panettiere likes to get on the treadmill and zone out.

“I put on some guilty pleasure TV and just jog,” she says.

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And her 15-month-old daughter Kaya sometimes gets involved in her workouts too.

“Working out with your baby is actually great,” says Panettiere. “When I’m holding her in my arms, I lift her above my head, or do bicep curls with her, or I’ll dance with her a lot. She’s the best weight I can find!”

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