No campfire needed!

By Mary Honkus
July 07, 2020 04:02 PM

Hostess is bringing all the flavors of a summertime favorite to you in cupcake form — minus the mess and the fire.

The new limited edition Hostess s'mores cupcakes are hitting shelves across the U.S on Friday. The decadent treats are made with a graham cracker-flavored yellow cake, filled with a marshmallow-creme and topped with silky chocolate icing with Hostess' signature swirly design.

A box of eight cupcakes costs $2.68 and will be available exclusively at Walmart while supplies last.

S'mores is such an iconic flavor for summer that Starbucks brought back their s'mores frappuccino numerous times over the years.

First making its debut in 2015, Starbucks’ sweet drink is made from a blend of marshmallow-infused whipped cream, milk chocolate sauce, coffee, milk and ice, and comes topped with more marshmallow whipped cream and crunchy graham cracker crumbles.

It returned again for the summer in 2016 and 2017, becoming the frosty kick-off to summer Starbucks lovers could count on.


But then, to many fans’ dismay, Starbucks discontinued the s’mores frappuccino in the summer of 2018, and several took to social media to express their distress.

Take Twitter user @ztygerlilly, who asked Starbucks to “Please bring back the S’mores frappuccino!?! It’s getting to be a life or death situation up in here!!” or @samanthajoyx3, who claimed that “the S’mores Frappuccino being discontinued is probably the worst news I’ve heard in 2018.”

Thankfully, Starbucks brought back the frosty drink for the summer of 2019 and announced earlier this year that it would return for the summer of 2020 as well.