The driver of the semi was not injured in the accident.

By Eric Todisco
May 15, 2019 03:10 PM

A highway in Indiana got a whole new understanding of the term sticky situation.

After a semi haul overturned while on Interstate 80/94 in the Hoosier State on Wednesday, some of the 41,000 lbs. of amber honey it was carrying spilled all across the road, mixing with leaking diesel fuel.

Ann Wojas, the Indiana State Police Public Information Officer, revealed the news in a series of tweets, where she also explained that the overturn blocked the left 3 lanes from other drivers getting through.

“Well the semi that has rolled over blocking 3 left lanes east bound at Calumet is hauling syrup which is leaking as is the semi’s diesel fuel,” she tweeted. “Expect long delays and closure. Seek alternate routes.”

Credit: Indiana State Police

Several hours later, Wojas sent out an additional tweet, explaining that while one lane was opened, the remaining two were still closed.

“I know I never have good news,” she tweeted, including a Bugs Bunny crying meme. “BUT we do have 2 lanes opened EB at Calumet. Now the bad-the left 2 lanes are still closed and will be for undetermined time. INDOT out containing, cleaning that honey/diesel up before they can reopen. Long delays and backups! seek alternate routes.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, the driver of the semi was not injured, and eight more containers of honey were still inside the trailer after the overturn.

Police stated that the driver he had just fueled up the tractor-trailer when five containers of honey spilled from the box trailer, followed by the vehicle leaking diesel fuel. The crash resulted in an extreme build up of traffic.

Officials also said that both the authorities and the Indiana Department of Transportation were assisting in the cleanup efforts and would be fully inspecting all the lanes before traffic reopened.