January 13, 2016 03:48 PM

Courtesy Warner Bros.

Whether you’re single, or in a relationship, or single but in a relationship with Harry Potter, you need to get yourself to the U.K.’s Harry Potter World for a Valentine’s Day extravaganza.

On Saturday (February 13th) and Sunday (February 14th), the Warner Bros’ Harry Potter World in Watford, Great Britain is hosting a special holiday feast at the set of Hogwarts’ Great Hall. The three-course dinner comes complete with cocktails (including “The Love Potion”), hors d’oeuvres, flowers, candles and all sorts of twee romantic details. Plus, everyone can take home a professional photo to commemorate the memory forever…and a wand. Everyone gets a wand!

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After dinner, guests will be taken on an out-of-hours tour around the Studio, hitting up hot spots like the Weasley’s kitchen and Platform 9 3/4.

“Sitting at individual tables for two decorated with flowers and candles, you and your partner will enjoy a delicious three-course dinner including a starter, main course and assiette of desserts to share,” the event’s description reads. “You’ll then be given exclusive after-hours access to the Studio Tour with the chance to see sets such as the Gryffindor common room, Dumbledore’s office, the Weasley kitchen at The Burrow and the Malfoy Manor dining table, before enjoying a drink on Platform 9 3/4.”

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The evening ends with Butterbeer at Diagon Alley and coffee, tea and desserts at the “breathtaking Hogwarts castle model.”

Unfortunately, the event has sold out…but we’ll be trolling their website for other upcoming events. You can still take a “Welcome to Hogwarts” tour on February 14th — you’ll just have to bring your own Butterbeer.

— Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda



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