Hillary Clinton Launches New Food Campaign Featuring Celebrity Chefs

mario batali hillary clinton
Photo: Source: Mario Batali/Twitter

Hillary Clinton has a new campaign cooking.

The Democratic presidential nominee has launched Chefs for Hillary, a food-focused initiative in which celebrity chefs share recipes they’ve developed for her campaign. According to Eater.com, the goal is “to encourage supporters to cook at home, feed their friends and families, and also cook for the cause: The campaign urges voters and volunteers to use these recipes at their own organizing events, phone banks, and house parties across the county.”

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The first round of patriotic-inspired recipes, which are available on Pinterest today, include dishes from the country’s top chefs including Mario Batali‘s signature grilled swordfish; Dominique Ansel‘s democratic (blue)berry cookies, Katie Lee‘s patriotic penne pie, Pearl Oyster Bar‘s Rebecca Charles’ lady liberty lobster roll; The Nomad‘s James Kent’s trailblazing tuna tartare to name a few.

Other culinary talents are expected to add to the list over the next few months. And the campaign also encourages voters to show “Team Hillary” pride by sharing their own recipes using #ChefsForHillary.

The decision to participate in the new Clinton campaign was easy for Batali, who has been a long time supporter.

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“I have been a huge fan of Hillary Clinton’s since I first met her in 1991 and she is without a doubt the most qualified candidate for president I have ever had the chance to vote for,” Batali said. “She has met and impressed world leaders, did a fantastic job as a NY senator and as Secretary of State, has a brilliant sense of humor and is profoundly thoughtful and wise. I’m thrilled to help launch Chefs for Hillary and hope that supporters across the country will enjoy making these recipes.”

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