Hershey's says they are "working to improve the appearance" of the chocolate candy.

Ho, ho, hmm…

Bakers around the country have been noticing an issue with their Hershey’s Kisses. The chocolate treats, which are often used to make peanut butter blossom cookies during the holidays, are seemingly missing their iconic tips.

The Facebook group the Wedding Cookie Table first flagged the issue, as pointed out by Business Insider, earlier this month. A user posted a photo wondering if fellow group members’ Hershey’s Kisses had broken tops, and the post was instantly flooded with comments from other upset bakers.

“I just opened a few bags today for cookies I’m gonna make next week… every single one is missing the tip,” wrote one member.

“Every bag I opened santa hats and regular were broken off,” commented another. “That really is ridiculous what is the point 🙄 the cookies do not look right with broken tips.”

PEOPLE staffers confirmed the issue with a bag of Santa Hat kisses. Not only were the tips chipped on every kiss, but staffers also noticed that there should have been a broken piece of chocolate inside the foils but they were nowhere to be found. The bite-size pieces appear to simply be made with flat tops.

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A representative for the Hershey Company tells PEOPLE the tip debacle is “not holiday-specific,” as the same plant in Hershey, Pa. makes both the seasonal kisses and the regular silver-wrapped ones. (They produce over 70 million Kisses a day.)

They are aware of the issue thanks to the Wedding Cookie Table, and are working on a fix.

“The iconic, conical shape is one of the reasons families have loved Kisses for generations,” says the representative. “We shape the tip on our classic, solid Milk and Dark Chocolate Kisses to create that iconic appearance. And while there has always been some variability in that process, we are working to improve the appearance because it’s as important to us as it is to our fans.”