Here's How to Make That 'Pancake Cereal' You've Been Seeing Everywhere

This new trend is flippin' awesome

mini pancake cereal
Photo: Justin Schuble

You've probably seen social media's latest cooking trend: pancake cereal.

The newest TikTok food sensation has countless people turning regular buttermilk pancakes into breakfast cereal. How? By making them mini! The miniature flapjacks are prepared like normal and then poured into a bowl along with milk and maple syrup to be eaten like cereal.

In just a few weeks, the hashtag #pancakecereal already has nearly 11 million views on the short-form video app, and countless recipe videos have also popped up on Instagram.

The trend took off very recently, and there are already a ton of versions of the dish. Some people are using gluten-free and vegan ingredients, while others are mixing in peanut butter or sprinkles. Many are just eating them with fruit and melted butter, instead of pouring in milk and maple syrup. This sounds like the best option for us, but to each their own.

If you're interested in recreating this recipe, you can make regular buttermilk pancakes — any old recipe will do — or you can go crazy and cook some double chocolate pancakes, red velvet pancakes with coconut syrup, or perhaps some ricotta pancakes with honey butter and berry compote. Whatever you choose, we won't judge.

Start by preparing the pancake batter and then loading it into a squeeze bottle, pastry bag, or even just a Ziploc. Twist the top, cut off a tiny piece of the corner of the bag, and then "dot" the batter into a nonstick or greased pan so that each "pancake" is small and resembles a singular piece of cereal. You'll want to fit a couple of them on your spoon at the same time, so make sure they're aptly sized.

Keep a close eye on them and cook until the pancakes have bubbles on the top, then flip them over and cook for additional time. Repeat with the remaining batter. Once you're done, melt some butter on top and add maple syrup and milk (if that's your thing).

Popular Miami food blogger Sam Schnur from @thenaughtyfork has shown her followers how to make a couple of versions, including one with mini M&M's, while New York content creator Jessica Hirsch from @cheatdayeats tried to replace pancake batter with brownie batter. You can also use diet-friendly recipes like Washington D.C.-based foodie Justin Schuble's dairy- and gluten-free pancake cereal.

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Pancake cereal isn't the only recipe going viral during this period of self-isolation. Videos of Dalgona — a frothy, creamy coffee drink that originates from South Korea — have been going viral, inspiring people to get busy in the kitchen. People are also going crazy for easy recipes like White Claw slushies, homemade crème brûlée, Greek yogurt bagels, and even banana bread with very few ingredients.

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