You Can Now Buy Heinz Ketchup-Flavored Ice Cream

Ed Sheeran's favorite condiment has made its way onto dessert.

Most people eat ketchup on burgers, hot dogs and fries—and maybe occasionally on dishes like eggs and macaroni, if you’re feeling crazy—but now the condiment is creeping its way into dessert. Exhibit A: This ketchup-flavored ice cream.

Gelati, a shop that has two locations in Ireland, created the flavor in honor of Ed Sheeran, who is so obsessed with Heinz Ketchup he has their logo tattooed on his bicep. They wanted to welcome the “Shape of You” singer, who just played five shows in various Irish cities and has three upcoming shows in Dublin, back to their country with a flavor he would appreciate.

“We @gelati_icecream decided to welcome Ed Sheeran back to Ireland by creating his favourite flavour: Tomato ketchup!!,” they wrote on Instagram before announcing they were offering free ketchup cones to concert attendees.

Gelati Icecream

In a second Instagram post, the shop shared a photo of three freshly-made bright red scoops in a cone, which were made with real ketchup in the cream and then topped with an extra squeeze. “Everyone knows there’s no ketchup like Heinz, and there’s no ice cream like Gelati’s,” they wrote. “Fancy a taste of Ed Sheeran’s fav?!”

Michael O’ Dowd, Gelati’s owner, tells PEOPLE that that developing the flavor was a challenge because of the sugar and salt, which both act as anti-freezing agents, in the ketchup.

“It took a few attempts to balance the recipe,” O’ Dowd says. “Otherwise it would melt straight away.”

To make the ketchup-flavored scoop, the shop added the condiment to their “secret” base recipe, which features fresh local milk that is pasteurized in store. The homemade concoction joins other creative flavors in the shop’s daily repertoire, including Gin & Tonic sorbet and Blue Bubblegum.

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Although Sheeran has not yet tried the ice cream, O’ Dowd hopes the “Perfect” singer will swing by for a sample.

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