HBO Digitally Removed the Infamous Coffee Cup from 'Game of Thrones' Episode

All coffee cups left in a scene by mistake, must die.

Reduce, reuse, recycle — or in the case of the Game of Thrones cup, digitally remove.

The now-infamous disposable coffee cup has been taken out of “The Last of the Starks” episode viewable on HBO Go and future reruns, the network confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter writer Ryan Parker.

“HBO confirms Sunday’s cameo on #GameofThrones has been digitally removed on HBO Go,” Parker wrote on Twitter along with photo of a Starbucks cup sitting on the Iron Throne.

And the modern-day cup — which eagle-eyed fans spotted sitting on the table in Winterfell’s great hall during the post-battle feast scene — is in fact, gone. If you view the episode at 17 minutes and 39 seconds in, you’ll see a noticeable empty spot in front of Daenerys Targaryen.

Game of Thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO

HBO responded to the mishap on Monday by clarifying Daenerys drink of choice. “The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake,” they said in a statement to PEOPLE. “Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea.”

Many fans jumped to the conclusion that the cup in question was from Starbucks, and the coffee chain even joined in on the fun, tweeting, “TBH we’re surprised she didn’t order a Dragon Drink.” But as EW reported the latte was more likely courtesy of craft services.

Either way, all coffee cups left in a scene by mistake, must die.

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