May 09, 2017 10:30 AM

Special delivery!

Prior to his performance on the Today show on Tuesday, Harry Styles wanted to thank his dedicated fans who had been waiting in line all night (some for days) and had pizzas delivered for them to enjoy.

The Today show shared a video on Twitter of a delivery man handing out the pies and a shot of what the plaza looked like in the morning. (Hint: Hundreds of screaming women.)

The singer, who kicked off the show’s annual summer concert series ahead of his album release Friday, has been known to treat his fans to food while they wait in line — most recently making sure they were fed with pizza and kiwi while they waited to see him perform on Saturday Night Live in April.

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Styles, 23, has also reportedly been dating food blogger Tess Ward, which hopefully means the fan food is only going to get even more creative moving forward.

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