Credit: Courtesy Warner Bros.

A few lucky Harry Potter fans are about to have a magical morning at Hogwarts.

Warner Brothers Studios is at it again with Harry Potter-themed feast at the beloved school of wizardry. This time, instead of an elaborate holiday dinner, the company will host a Harry Potter breakfast reception on the 21st and 28th of August.

Guests may expect the spread to include bites from the series including pixie puffs, cheeri owls and yes, tankards of Butterbeer in the Backlot Café. The Great Hall will be decorated just as it is in the film, complete with a staff costumed in Hogwarts uniforms. Ticket prices for the breakfast are $123 for adults and about $98 for kids.

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After breakfast, a sneak peek tour will commence—featuring stops like Harry Potter’s childhood home, the number four Privet Drive and Diagon Alley.

No word on whether or not a game of quidditch will be involved, but it’s Hogwarts so anything is possible.