September 11, 2015 04:21 PM


Good news, muggles: You now have a safe haven to drink like a real wizard.

The Lockhart, a new bar in Toronto, recently opened its doors to reveal a decor that will feel eerily familiar who know and love the Harry Potter books and movies.

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While not overtly Hogwarts-themed (there is no Butterbeer on the menu, for example), the place boasts tasteful nods to the boy wizard on its walls and on its menu that any true fan would certainly pick up on — stag coasters, the “All Was Well” sign, the Shacklebolt cocktail — but won’t alienate the non-believers out there.

“We definitely want to stay away from being too niche,” the bar’s co-owner Matt Rocks told The Toronto Star. “I try to be quite ambiguous about our Harry Potter references.”

One look at the bar’s Instagram account and you’ll see what he’s talking about.

Guess this is just one more place to add to our Potter-themed travel bucket list.

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—Shay Spence & Maria Yagoda

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