October 28, 2015 05:15 PM

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Step aside, outlandish costumes — when it comes to Halloween, candy reigns supreme.

And while we know none of them are necessarily good for you, are certain candies less sugar-y than others? PEOPLE’s sister publication Cooking Light got to the bottom of this quandary, releasing an in-depth look into the nutritional info of the most popular Halloween candies — and where they rank on the added sugar spectrum.

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Of the 40 popular sweets that were broken down for the guide, the 3 that had the most added sugars per individual package were Sugar Babies (15g), Charm’s Blow Pop (13g) and Nerds (12g).

The stats also included candies with the least amount of sugar, with Rolo’s Caramels in Milk Chocolate (3.7g), Hershey’s Nuggets Dark Chocolate with Almond (4g) and Wonka Mini Laffy Taffy (4.2g) coming out on top.

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The information comes in light of a new study published this week deeming sugar as “toxic” (and simultaneously dampening Halloween spirits everywhere).

Although the study might not loosen our grasp on all things sweet come Halloween night, the guide is a helpful reminder that it’s best not to binge if you’re trying to get healthy — but at least now you can be a little smarter about it if you do.

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—Grace Gavilanes

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