December 29, 2015 07:55 AM

Gabrielle Revere

With 2016 on the horizon, it’s time for some major weight-loss inspiration from our six Half Their Size winners, who knocked off an extraordinary, combined 770 lbs.!

Cover girl Casey Foreaker turned to food for comfort after her dad took his life when she was just 20 years old. Using Weight Watchers, Foreaker, 36, is now a slim 115 lbs. and says her dad would be thrilled to see her new lifestyle. “I know that he’s looking down and that he’s proud of me,” she says.

Courtesy Casey Foreaker; Gabrielle Revere

The youngest of the group, Austin Shifflet, 22, was bullied about his weight throughout high school, leading him to drop out at 16 and get his GED. Wanting to make a change, he dutifully followed the Atkins diet and dropped 166 lbs. — and finally got his confidence back.

With her military husband deployed for months at a time, Sarah Beasley drowned her sadness in entire cans of chocolate frosting, driving her weight up to 260 lbs. Using the Beachbody program, she lost 120 lbs. and is committed to her daily, 5:30 a.m. workouts. “It sets my whole day off right,” says Beasley, 27.

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Courtesy Sarah Beasley; Gabrielle Revere

A chronic autoimmune liver disease landed Angela Montanez, 35, in and out of the hospital from the time she was a child — and her carb and dessert-heavy diet didn’t help. Inspired by wellness vloggers on YouTube, she started swapping sugar for veggies and fruits and slimmed down to 128 lbs. “I’m healthier than I have ever been,” she says.

At 257 lbs., Heather Patterson was in denial about her weight as her body rebelled. With the arches in her feet collapsing under the extra pounds, Patterson, 43, signed up for Take Shape for Life and steadily lost 10 lbs. a month on the partial meal replacement program. “I feel like I had been in a coma. This is what it’s like to live,” she says.

Gabrielle Revere

Living at 275 lbs. meant the opposite for Caitlyn Mannherz, who would waste her days sleeping for 15 hours out of exhaustion. “I just didn’t want to wake up,” she says. At 21, she had enough, and decided to cut out gluten, soy, and dairy, which helped her drop 135 lbs. Now 26, she’s studying to be a naturopathic physician so she can help others live healthier too.

–Julie Mazziotta

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