Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracy Anderson

Break out the (non-processed) frosting: Gwyneth Paltrow and trainer-to-the-stars Tracy Anderson are launching a food take-out company.

The Goop maven and her fitness pal have started 3 Green Hearts, which, Anderson tells Hamptons Magazine will “offer healthy organic meals on the go” at her two Hamptons fitness studios.

The health-consicious duo’s food line (business partner, Maria Baum claims the third “green heart”‘) features freshly-made juices and smoothies, gluten-free pastas, quinoa salad, fish tacos, grilled salmon and one surprising dessert.

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“I’m a major food so there’s also going to be frosting shots, but the frosting is made without all the processed things that really hurt us,” Anderson said. “I’ve figured out how to make the best cookies that have no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no nuts, no eggs — all the main common allergens. It’s also about me being able to settle the inflammation fire that is so many bodies.”

As for Anderson’s favorite food on the program: “I love Mexican food, so we have some amazing burritos that are on there, but then there’s also a kale ravioli that is super creative and cool,” Anderson tells PEOPLE.

So, why start a culinary line? “We are moms. We are nurturers. We understand the demands of dreaming big. And we want nothing more than to have access to the healthy, happy lifestyle you so deserve,” Anderson explained. “If I can be a part of making it easy for people to eat natural foods and be able to feel like they can lead a natural lifestyle and have it be affordable, that to me is really key.”

Anderson continues: “I’m really for people’s health. I care that every single person’s body is different and digests different, and that we need options.”

And Anderson understands the desire for healthy yet yummy food. “We are emotionally programmed to love food. It’s about where the foods are sourced from and how they’re made. It’s not about everything being so diet or gimmicky to drop quick pounds,” she says “But [the food] has to taste good.

And this is just the first step in the new venture, which Anderson revealed will eventually include paraben-free green cleaning products and beauty products. The business savvy friends are also planning to roll out 3 Green Hearts in all of the Tracy Anderson studio locations.

—Michelle Ward Trainor