The Food Network star takes on the daunting task — while Fallon eggs him on

By Mary Honkus
February 27, 2020 01:34 PM

Yes, even chefs have foods they hate, and for Guy Fieri, that food is eggs.

“I’m not a big egg fan,” the chef and host of the new cooking competition Tournament of Champions said during his Wednesday appearance on The Tonight Show. “They’re great for different parts of the menu, and as a chef I use them all the time, but I’d rather have some corned beef hash or just a sandwich.”

In true Fallon fashion, Jimmy Fallon proceeds to pull out a carton of eggs to torment him. “I just think it’d be cool to see you eat an egg,” he jokes. “Or even better, why don’t you drink one?”

Although hesitant, Fieri, 52, is not one to pass up a challenge. He drinks the egg while the audience — and Fallon — egg him on. “I like when I come on the show and cook. I don’t like when I drink eggs,” he said, post egg.


Fieri’s new Food Network show Tournament of Champions airs Wednesday, March 4. The show is a bracket-style, single-elimination culinary competition bringing world-renowned chefs to face off for the ultimate title.

“I brought 16 of the greatest chefs around the country and put them together in this competition,” Fieri told Fallon. The particulars of each round are decided by “The Randomizer”, which determines a protein, vegetable, piece of cooking equipment, time and style of cooking.

“No two competitions are the same,” said Fieri. “I’ve done a lot of shows, a lot of competitions, but this knocks [all of them] out of the park.”

Watch the whole clip above and tune into Tournament of Champions on Food Network, March 4 at 10 p.m. ET.