Participants decked themselves out in Fieri's signature spiked hair, goatee, and flame-covered shirts

By Ana Calderone and Collier Sutter
November 20, 2017 01:33 PM

A crew of Guy Fieri lookalikes turned New York City into Flavortown on Saturday for a bar crawl in the celebrity chef’s honor.

The now-annual FieriCon took place for the second year over the weekend at five bars throughout the city with Fieri enthusiasts doing their best impressions of the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives star.

Participants decked themselves out in his signature spiked hair, goatee, and flame-covered shirts. The Fieri attire was optional but “highly encouraged,” according to the FieriCon website.

One of the organizers of the event, Dave Gold, told PEOPLE that the day was a huge success. “The turnout was pretty amazing, I think there were about 125 people or so,” he says. “I definitely want to do it again next year. I’ve received some pretty good feedback about it and am curious to see what it can grow into.”

In videos posted on social media with the hashtag #fiericon, a sea of bleached hair and red bandanas can be seen chanting “I’m Guy Fieri! I’m Guy Fieri!” inside a crowded bar.

“Had no idea this was a thing until a army of Guy’s walked past us today,” one lucky witness wrote on Instagram.

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Gold started the event last year after bonding with a friend over their shared loved of Fieri’s hit show.

“Me and another friend had a Sunday tradition of watching Food Network, and Triple D was always on,” he says. “We just thought it would be funny to dress up like him for a few hours. It was an inside joke that somehow got a lot of exposure and people really seemed to like the idea, so I organized it.”

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The bar crawl kicked off at the Hog Pit before Guy’s guys made their way to the Pioneers Bar, Stout N.Y.C. Flagship and The Keg Room. The route all led up to the final destination of Fieri’s own Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar.