December 15, 2015 06:40 PM

Grumpy Cat Coffee Company

Looks like Grumpy Cat has found something to actually be grumpy about.

The famous feline is in the midst of a lawsuit over the use of her likeness to sell coffee, Consumerist reports. Grumpy Cat Ltd (which owns the rights to the cat’s name and brand) has taken legal action against Grenade Beverage, a company who licensed her name and face for their packaging.

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The complaint states that the cat’s camp allowed Grenade to use the likeness of Tardar Sauce (Grumpy Cat’s given name, in case you weren’t aware) for one specific product — a frozen coffee called the “Grumpuccino.” When they started to sell whole bean coffee, though, they had gone too far.

Further, the document states that the company has been using the website (not to be confused with the animal’s official website,, and that they “have been operating the Infringing Website for the purpose of furthering their unauthorized use and exploitation of the Grumpy Cat Copyrights and Grumpy Cat Trademarks.”

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The interesting thing about the coffee company’s website is, while Grumpy Cat’s name and face is plastered all over, there is no specific mention of the cat herself — it’s just generic statements about light-heartedness and coffee, completely detached from the personality and essence of Tardar Sauce.

Still, the company denies any wrongdoing. “Can’t comment other than to say there isn’t a single factual allegation contained in the entire complaint, not one,” Paul Sandford, a partner of Grenade, told Eater. “Stay tuned.”

We certainly will.

Shay Spence

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