April 09, 2015 03:47 PM

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Game of Thrones might be making a return on Sunday night but, more importantly, April 12 is also National Grilled Cheese Day.

And this is why we’re proud to report some very important grilled cheese news.

Dating and social networking web site Skout asked its community members what they thought about grilled cheese to celebrate the holiday, and the results are fascinating.

Of the 4,600 people the company surveyed, 73 percent of grilled cheese lovers have sex at least once a month, compared with 63 percent of those who don’t love grilled cheese. (Or, as we refer to them, “human monsters.”)

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Thirty-two percent of grilled cheese fans have sex at least six times a month, compared with 27 percent of the aforementioned monsters.

Finally, grilled cheese lovers are both altruistic and adventurous: 81 percent of self-identified G.C.-ers say they have donated time, money or food to “those in need,” according to the L.A. Times, and 84 percent of them love to travel, compared to the 78 percent who aren’t fans.

—Alex Heigl, @alex_heigl

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