'Great British Baking Show' 's David Atherton Clears Up Dating Rumors About His Fellow Bakers

Fans were convinced Henry Bird and Michael Chakraverty were an item

The contestants on the most recent season of Great British Baking Show are still very good friends — but that’s all they are, according to winner David Atherton.

The Baking Show champ spoke to PeopleTV’s Reality Check on Monday and clarified a few romance rumors involving his fellow bakers.

Though fans were initially convinced Henry Bird and Alice Fevronia were dating because of how often they appeared in each other’s Instagram photos, Fevronia threw everyone for a loop when she posted a now-deleted snap of Bird and Michael Chakraverty embracing in a hug. The caption, “BAE-ke Off <3” seemed to fuel the rumors, but now Atherton says it was all a light-hearted joke.

Michael Chakraverty and Henry Bird
Alice Fevronia/Instagram

“I’m sorry they’re playing with you!” he told Reality Check hosts. “No, they’re definitely not [dating]. There’s a big bromance going on there, but no, they’re not a couple.”

Bird also denied the rumors to the U.K. Times, where he was once a summer intern. “If a lingering hug is the qualifier for a relationship, then I dread to think what everyone thought of my farewell to [cohost] Sandi!” he said.

The Great British Bake Off - Final
Mark Bourdillon/Channel 4

While a Great British Baking Show couple is off the table (for now at least), viewers can likely expect to see more reunions from the cast on social media.

“Almost all of us still keep in touch,” says Atherton. “We were a really close group this year. I just went for diner with Michael and Henry just the other night, and I was speaking on the phone with Steph [Blackwell] today. So we really keep in contact.”

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