'Great British Baking Show' Alum Kim-Joy Shows Off Her Colorful Kitchen Renovation

"I want to live in a magical fairy kingdom," says Kim-Joy of her inspiration for her kitchen

Kim-Joy is known for her playful baking creations and now she has a colorful kitchen to match!

The former Great British Baking Show star, who was a finalist on the 2018 season of the hit series, shared a YouTube video on Wednesday giving a tour of her newly renovated kitchen and answering fan-submitted questions.

The author of several cookbooks, including the upcoming Bake Me a Cat cookbook, explains that her year-long kitchen renovation has finally concluded. The previous space was "from the '70s, tiny and with some rotting cabinets," according to Kim-Joy.

The baker and her husband Nabil designed the kitchen to fit her specific culinary needs. The kitchen island is topped with a stone that she can cut directly on. Plus, the island is complete with top drawers meant for baking tools and a hidden trash can, which is a feature that Kim-Joy finds particularly useful.

Kim-Joy Kitchen Renovation

"I've got the bin on the island which is so good," she said in the video, demonstrating how she sweeps her hand right over the counter and into the trash. "I didn't even fully realize how amazing that is but when you have flour on your work surface you literally just go like that to the bin and it goes straight in and is like, 'woah.'"

Kim-Joy is frequently sharing her animal-themed sweets and recipes on social media. During the renovation, she borrowed loved ones' kitchens to continue to share her baking content but can now use her personalized baking haven.

Of course, the Great British Baking Show: Holidays alum stocks and organizes her pantry with cakes, pastries and other treats in mind. She even has a whole drawer dedicated to sprinkles and another for cookie cutters.

Kim-Joy Kitchen Renovation

In addition to the functional elements of the renovation, the aesthetics are a major upgrade for the family. "I want to live in a magical fairy kingdom," says Kim-Joy about her design details.

The space is full of green accents — the cabinets are painted mint green and dozens of live plants cover the countertops and shelves. Framed pink art prints and pink planters add feminine details to the room. Another source of color in the renovation comes from the lighting fixtures.

The lights are "one of [her] favorite things" and there are several types of lights in the kitchen like lava lamps, lights projecting a galaxy and smaller table lamps.

"It's weird, you don't think of kitchens and think of lamps but I think kitchens require lamps," Kim-Joy said. "They're a part of your house and feel cozy and settled in."

Kim-Joy Kitchen Renovation

Nabil had a say in the lights, too. While Kim-Joy says she dislikes recessed lighting, she jokes that "Nabil does like light," so they have a few spotlights.

The dining room just off the kitchen features an accent wall decked out with a colorful, tropical-themed wallpaper with a toucan and jaguar. A large wooden dining table with wicker chairs is the centerpiece, plus a hanging egg chair and additional plants are tucked in the corner.

Kim-Joy Kitchen Renovation

Kim-Joy stays true to her funny and transparent personality, disclosing the less-than-perfect areas of the kitchen, too.

When asked for tips on organizing to-go containers, she explained, "I've got a cupboard filled with tupperware and it was very organized at the beginning but now when you put in a new one there is a danger of things collapsing over."

"The rest of the house is a dingy work in progress, but this main bit is done-ish," she added on Instagram. "I feel so lucky to hang out in it every day."

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