"I walked out of an exercise class today due to a bullying instructor, and I feel good about it," said former contestant Kim-Joy

By Maria Pasquini
May 28, 2021 12:03 PM
kim joy
| Credit: kim joy/ instagram

Great British Bake Off's Kim-Joy is speaking out after having a negative experience at an exercise class.

The former contestant, who was a finalist on the 2018 season of the hit series, shared on Thursday that she walked out of a class after "being bullied" by an instructor. 

"It's okay to say NO and walk away to protect your own mental health," she wrote on Instagram alongside a tearful photograph of herself. "I walked out of an exercise class today due to a bullying instructor, and I feel good about it."

"I cried afterwards in the car but this is mostly angry cries, as well as disappointed cries cause WHY are people like this?!" she added, noting that she was proud that she "stood up for myself." 

The baker and cookbook author noted that in addition to walking out, she also called the instructor out "on his behavior." 

"The old me would've been afraid of the confrontation, and just stayed and accepted being bullied, but I know now that I have self worth and I'm not sticking around to be treated like that," she wrote. "It's good to have boundaries, and it's good to say no to toxic people and situations. I highly recommend trying it if you haven't!!!" 

As for her future plans, she said that she plans to find a new, and more accepting, gym. "I know there are tons of amazing inclusive and body positive gyms and classes, so will just be taking myself elsewhere ☺️🥰 #cryingishealing #sayno." 

Kim-Joy shared additional details about her experience on her Instagram Story.

In the posts, the baker, who said she is "really not good at exercise," wrote that before the class began she told the instructor about some of her difficulties, according to Metro. She went on to allege that he asked her if she was "making s--- up" and criticized her in front of the class.  

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In a recent birthday post, the baker also spoke about making her mental health a priority — and letting her voice be heard.

"It's my birthday today 🎂🥳 Every year older I get, the more confident I get, but that only happens if I keep on going in spite of fears!! The more we keep on facing the fears, the more they fade, but rarely completely," she wrote.

kim joy
| Credit: kim joy/ instagram

"I've let myself get a little more complacent recently," she continued, "but from here on I am making more of a conscious effort to tackle it - working on being more open, more vulnerable, more strong. Taking up space cause I deserve to! Your comments on my last post reaffirmed how being vulnerable is strong, and how reassuring it is to feel that we are not alone!" 

Continuing, she added, "Sending love to all of you on your personal mental health journeys. Face fears, take up space, let yourself be heard, you are worthy ❤️."