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Updated December 08, 2020 12:55 PM
Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay recently suffered his very own kitchen nightmare.

Early this month at the opening night of his latest London restaurant, Heddon Street Kitchen, the celebrity chef claims a rival booked 100 fake reservations, The Independent reports.

“I think there’s all that level of envy. Saturday was our first big day opening,” Ramsay said during an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show. “We had 140 on the books and we had a 100 no show.”

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The British TV host asked if he thought the mishap was deliberate and Ramsay replied, “Yep, sabotage.”

But the chef, who is currently filming his new show, Costa Del Nightmares, is not pointing fingers at anyone in particular but was just concerned for his restaurant’s crew.

“It’s bad spirit and you see the staff and they are down and frustrated,” he said. “I was there to pick them up and make sure we stay focused. Now we’re going to reconfirm every table.”

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Though with 12 London restaurants and 24 worldwide, Ramsay knows problems are bound to happen.

“Settling any restaurant down takes a lot of work. Critics come in, bloggers come in, and they’re influential people,” he said. “It takes a good two, two-and-a-half months to settle down.”

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