Gordon Ramsay Is Now Roasting Amateur Chefs on TikTok: 'Keep the Dishes Coming'

"You thought I stopped burning dishes but I just changed the game," said the celebrity chef of taking his insults to TikTok

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Gordon Ramsay has found a new platform where he can skewer home cooks on social media.

The celebrity chef, 53, has made a hobby out of hurling his trademark harsh critiques at people documenting their dishes and recipes online, roasting food disasters on Twitter and Instagram. And now, TikTok is no longer safe!

Earlier this month, Ramsay shared some delectably vicious reactions to a TikTok user who showed followers had to "turn cheap steak into wagyu."

"What's he doing? ... What?" says Ramsay into the camera, as a split-screen shows the TikTok user grind up the beef and form it into makeshift cuts of steak after mixing in gelatin.

"No! Not a bag," he reacts when they place the patties into a pouch and cook them sous vide style before placing them on the grill for finishing touches. "That looks like my granddad's colostomy bag. Oh my god, what the ... Fake wagyu? Oh, get a grip."

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In another culinary TikTok takedown, Ramsay observed someone's personal sweet potato mash recipe. From the get-go, the television personality was not on board with the food prep practices, but the microwave usage was a step too far for him.

"What are you doing? Oh my lord, really? No! No microwave!" he said, before bursting into song to croon: "You don't know how crap you are!"

He captioned the clip on Instagram, encouraging fans to continue their TikTok cooking — and beware of his probable criticism. "You thought I stopped burning dishes but I just changed the game 😉 Keep the dishes coming on @tiktok," he wrote.

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Back in 2017, Ramsay enjoyed his heyday of slamming homemade dishes over on Twitter. To be fair, users tagged the famous chef in their tweets, asking for his brutally honest opinions. "Did this really start out as a piece of steak ? Disaster," he replied to one fan at the time, writing to someone's omelette, "Forking disgusting..... and that's just the avocado."

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