"I decided to toss the devil horns into the ring and heat things up!" says Ramsay.
Gordon Ramsay Spiked Seltzers
Credit: Brew Pipleline

Move over White Claw, Gordon Ramsay is coming to steal your thunder.

The celebrity chef and restauranteur, 54, announced on Monday that he is releasing his own line of spiked seltzers: Hell's Hard Seltzer. Ramsay worked closely with Brew Pipeline and Global Brews of London to bring his drink to life.

"Yes, even I enjoy a hard seltzer after a long day, so I decided to toss the devil horns into the ring and heat things up!” Ramsay said in a press release. “Hell's Kitchen will never freeze over, but a cold Hell's Seltzer is a great start.”

The new beverages will be available in four flavors inspired by popular menu items from Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen restaurants. The flavors include Berry Inferno (a mix of peach, blueberry, and raspberry), Knicker Twist (a blend of passionfruit, pineapple, and orange), Mean Green (a fusion of kiwi, lime, mint, and pineapple), and That's Forked (a sweet combination of key lime, vanilla, and graham).

Gordon Ramsay Spiked Seltzers
Credit: Brew Pipeline

You won't have to wait long to try out these drinks, as they hit shelves nationwide in early 2021.

The seltzers each contain 5.5% ABV and are gluten-free. They will be available in a 12-pack variety pack for around $16, so you can get a taste of each of the unique flavors.

On top of the new seltzers, Ramsay also recently opened a new restaurant in London's Harrods department store — and one menu item in particular has been making headlines.

London food review outlet Hot Dinners reported that there is a wagyu beef burger entrée going for £80, or about $106 in U.S. currency. In addition to the waygu sirloin patty, the burger has truffle Pecorino cheese and fresh black truffles that drive up the price. Fries come at an additional charge, the outlet noted.