March 04, 2015 11:53 AM

When you’re the kid of Gordon Ramsay, you’re bound to pick up a few naughty words.

But the British chef, who is infamous for his potty mouth on shows like Hell’s Kitchen, revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night — while dishing on staying in shape, training for triathlons with his wife and his family — that his kids actually don’t curse.

“Is that their way of rebelling?” Kimmel joked, but Ramsay explained that their cleaner language may actually be a result of dad’s creativity.

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“I tried to teach them some side language,” Ramsay explained. “So I said, ‘Look, cursing is not smart, it’s an industry language and sometimes daddy let’s it slip — 20 times a day.’ So I come up with some really nice sort of alternatives to curse words. So rather than saying the word s***, which you know, is not nice — shiitake.”

And instead of the F word? Fructose. Rather than saying a**,  it’s asparagus.

“And that goes over, like at school? That’s okay with the teachers?” Kimmel asked.

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“Well, no. I mean, last parents meeting they phoned — I couldn’t make it — and said ‘I don’t think this is the right word, you know, when you say mushroom, s***, shitake,'” Ramsay recalled. “I said ‘well it’s a Japanese mushroom, it’s delicious, now f*** off.'”

—Morgan Gibson, @morgangibson

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