The new snacks come will in original and double stuffed


Enjoying your favorite childhood snacks can be difficult when you're on a gluten-free diet, but Oreo is now launching a new, more allergy-friendly alternative to their classic cookie.

The company just announced on social media that they're bringing two gluten-free offerings—regular and Double Stuf—to the U.S. The cookies will be permanent additions once they arrive in January 2021.

Fans are already ecstatic about the new cookies — and a ton of people took to the comments to share their feelings. "Oreo I love you even more now," one person commented, while another said "YASSSS CELIAC HOMIES UNITE."

You won't have to wait too long to get your hands on the cookies, as they will be available nationwide wherever Oreos are sold starting at the beginning of 2021.

Oreo isn't just coming out with gluten-free cookies next year, they already have a full lineup of new flavors to get excited about, too.

Java Chip Oreos and Chocolate-Hazelnut Oreos are coming soon, a rep for Oreo recently confirmed to PEOPLE. The Java Chip flavor will have the same crunchy chocolate cookie we know and love, but is stuffed with a coffee-flavored creme that is loaded with tiny chocolate chips. Chocolate-Hazelnut Oreos will feature a rich creme that is sandwiched between the two iconic cookies — we're already getting Nutella vibes from this combo.

Credit: Oreo

How much longer until 2020 is over? We can hardly wait.