The cheesy pasta is made with brown rice and corn instead of wheat

By Mary Honkus
November 19, 2020 12:10 PM
Credit: Kratt

It's been a huge week for gluten-free foodies — first Oreo announced the debut of their new cookies, and now Kraft mac and cheese has also received a gluten-free makeover.

The Kraft-Heinz company has announced that the new product is starting to roll out at grocery stores nationwide. The pasta is made with brown rice and corn to meet the FDA's gluten-free standards.

“Families love our Kraft Mac & Cheese, and we didn’t want to limit who could enjoy our iconic blue box," said Emily Violett, Senior Associate Brand Manager at Kraft-Heinz in a press release. "With our new gluten-free offering, fans with dietary restrictions or gluten intolerance can now have our deliciously cheesy Kraft Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese, and that’s something to smile about!”

Unlike the Oreos, you don't have to wait for 2020 to be over to get your hands on the mac and cheese — it's currently available at select retailers nationwide.

Credit: Oreo

Oreo made their announcement earlier this week on social media, revealing the imminent arrival of gluten-free regular and Double Stuf Oreos.

Fans are already ecstatic about the new cookies — and a ton of people took to the Oreo's social media comments to share their feelings. "Oreo I love you even more now," one person commented, while another said, "YASSSS CELIAC HOMIES UNITE."

They will be available nationwide wherever Oreos are sold starting at the beginning of 2021.