Giuliana Rancic Solves One of Your Biggest Wine Woes

Giuliana Rancic Wine Xo, G

If you’ve ever been faced with the dilemma of wanting only one glass of wine (okay, maybe two) after a long day without having to waste the whole rest of the bottle, Giuliana Rancic is here to save your happy hour.

The E! News host, who also owns two Chicago restaurants with her husband Bill, recently debuted XO, G, her new line of vino at Walmart that offers stacked individual glasses of pinot noir, pinot grigio and rosé.

“Moms these days are busier than ever and a lot of us are juggling a million things a day,” Rancic, 40 — who recently celebrated her son Duke’s second birthday — tells PEOPLE. “When we come home at the end of the night we deserve that one perfect glass of wine.”

And, having grown up in an Italian household, Rancic says that this is right up her alley. “You hear stories of how Italians give wine to their children and it’s true, it was always on the table,” she says. “It was never taboo in my household, I’ve always respected wine and I really savor it.”

Giuliana Rancic Wine Xo, G

So, what was the best part of the process? “Bill and I would put Duke to bed and just do taste tests,” she says. “It was a fun few months and I’m really proud with what we chose.”

Plus, Rancic says the price tag makes them an ideal gift for the holidays. “The packaging is so unique, they’re under $10 and it really makes a statement,” says Rancic. “They’re such a great hostess gift.”

Now tell us, will you try XO, G?

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—Ana Calderone

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