Gisele Bündchen Says Husband Tom Brady Is an 'Amazing Waffle Maker' Despite His Strict Diet

"He jokes with me, he says, 'I can't give you the secret otherwise you won't need me anymore,'" the model says.

Tom Brady is not only a football star, he is also a breakfast master, according to his wife Gisele Bündchen.

While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the model, 38, opened up about the many talents of her husband of nine years.

“He’s an amazing waffle maker,” she says. “He makes great waffles.”

DeGeneres quickly questions the difficulty of this skill: “The kind that you just literally push that thing down?”

Bündchen then tells the host that he makes them from scratch, but he might get a little help.

“He has a secret recipe, which I’m sure there’s some package thing involved,” she says. “I have never seen him making it because he literally won’t let me see it. He jokes with me, he says, ‘I can’t give you the secret otherwise you won’t need me anymore.'”

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But Bündchen says she’s totally okay with not knowing: “So I say, ‘Okay, that’s fine, it tastes delicious, I’ll keep eating them.'”

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While she might not know what is in the waffle mix, it’s safe to assume they are at least a little bit healthy.

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The New England Patriots quarterback, whose diet is low in meat, high in fiber and free of sugar, opened up about his strict diet in his book The TB12 Method earlier this year.

“I don’t plan ‘cheat days’ … I actually don’t believe in the idea,” he told PEOPLE last year. “The way I eat makes me feel great. But I believe in the ideas of balance and moderation, and if I’m in a place with incredible food, I’ll absolutely try it.”

He also had notably never eaten a strawberry until Stephen Colbert forced the issue last March.

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