Girl Scout Cookies Lizzo Remix Amory
Credit: Zak Vargo/Youtube

“These cookies great ‘cuz they gotta be great.” Wait, those aren’t the words to “Truth Hurts”…

They’re actually the lyrics to a 9-year-old Girl Scout’s remix of the hit song by Lizzo. Amory Vargo from Westerville, Ohio dropped her parody of the song on Jan. 11 in order to sell more cookies for her troop, and since then it’s gone viral and garnered more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

In the music video, Vargo sings her own lyrics about cookies to the tune of the self-love anthem and lies on the ground surrounded by boxes of all the different Girl Scout cookie flavors.

In a statement to TODAY, Amory’s mother, Samantha, explained that her daughter actually makes a whole music video for Girl Scout cookies season every year. “She played around with a few popular songs before landing on this one, but when she thought of it the lyrics just started flowing,” she said. “It was pretty easy for her to piece it together once the ball started rolling.”

Amory is a big fan of the singer and body-positivity icon, according to her mom. “She really loves Lizzo,” Samantha explained. “We talk a lot about the meanings behind songs, and we listen to Lizzo at home. I really love the message Lizzo shares about loving who you are, being independent. It resonates well with a young girl I feel, being comfortable with our bodies is so important, and so difficult, in the modern age.”

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The young performer isn’t the only Girl Scout to come up with creative ways to sell more cookies. In Feb. 2019, one Colorado-based Girl Scout replaced the packaging on her boxes of Samoas with shirtless pictures of Aquaman actor Jason Momoa.

The girl’s mother, who happens to be a marketing professional, helped with the box rebranding, printing out and plastering the photos of Momoa, 40, on the purple packaging, and changing the name on the front from Samoas to Momoas. And despite already being the top-selling Girl Scout cookie every season, Holmberg’s Momoa-ed Samoas sold like hotcakes and completely blew up on social media.

Another young Girl Scout Kiki Paschall also recreated a top song last year, rapping a cookie-themed version of Cardi B‘s hit song “Money.” The musician, 27, spotted the video on Twitter and showed her support with a tweet. “I want all the cookieshhh,” she wrote along with a link to the video.