Girl Scout Puts Picture of Shirtless Jason Momoa on Boxes of Samoas, Sells Lots of Cookies

They're a huge hit with moms, naturally.

Remember earlier this month when an adorable Girl Scout went viral (and sold her entire cookie stash) after rapping a cookie-themed version of Cardi B’s “Money”? A Colorado-based Girl Scout is now following in her marketing genius footsteps, plastering shirtless pictures of Aquaman actor Jason Momoa on her boxes of Somoas. The result? Momoa Samoas—and they’re flying off the figurative shelves.

Even before she gave her cookies their Momoa twist, the fifth-grade Girl Scout, Charlotte Holmberg, was known in her troop as a “Cookie CEO,” a title she received for selling more than 2,000 boxes in 2018. Upping the ante this year, Holmberg’s mother was actually the one who came up with the idea for Momoa Samoas after seeing memes noting the similarity between the words Momoa and Samoa.

Girl Scouts of Colorado/Instagram

A marketing professional by day, Holmberg’s mother helped her daughter with the box rebranding, printing out and plastering the photos of Momoa, 39, on the purple packaging, and changing the name on the front from Samoas to Momoas.

Despite already being the top-selling Girl Scout cookie every season, Holmberg’s Momoa-ed Samoas have been taking Colorado by storm, selling like hotcakes and blowing up on social media.

“The moms are getting really excited and they’re saying that they need them!” Holmberg told Denver’s 9News last week. “The girls will want to buy some because he’s on the front. And the boys will also wanna buy some because he’s like, he might be like their favorite character.”

Momoa has not commented on the cookies as of yet, but hopefully he’ll be in the market for a few boxes!

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