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Updated December 08, 2020 01:29 PM
Girl Scout Cookies

Brace yourselves, Girl Scout Cookie fans (so, like, everyone) — we have some troubling news.

Our nationwide obsession with Thin Mints has caused delays on cookie deliveries. Little Brownie Bakers, the Kellogg-owned company that makes and manufactures Girl Scout Cookies, are behind in producing Thin Mints, ABC News reports.

Due to the production shortages, the company has rescheduled all cookie varieties to the affected troops from March 16-21.

While only 6 percent of the 112 Girl Scout councils are affected by the back order, several thousands of customers will experience a delay, the New York Daily News reports. All 2,000 troops in New Jersey are affected.

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“While overall demand for Thin Mints has been greater than expected this season, we are working to ensure every order is delivered in a timely manner,” Kris Charles, a Kellogg company spokeswoman, said in a statement.

This predicament comes just a few weeks after some troops announced that they are raising cookie prices this year.

But, we have a bit of good news: Cookies ordered online through the GSUSA’s new-for-this-year Digital Cookie program will not be impacted by the delays.

Thin Mints make up about 25 percent of the 200 million boxes of Girl Scout Cookies sold each season; the cookie has been in high demand since it debuted in 1940. (So maybe we should cut Thin Mints a little slack — they are 75-years-old, after all.)

“During our busiest point in the season, our bakers make about 9 million Thin Mints daily,” Girl Scouts USA said.

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—Morgan Gibson

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