The two new s'mores-flavored cookies are now available
Credit: Girl Scouts

Forget the holidays, the best time of the year is now here — Girl Scouts are officially selling cookies.

To celebrate the only way we know how, we had the (scout’s) honor of trying the newest additions to their lineup: S’mores-flavored cookies.

Girl Scouts revealed the news of the two new cookies back in August and our mouths have been watering ever since. Now that the Girl Scout cookie selling season has commenced — marking the 100th year since the first known sale (!) — it was time to get our hands on the highly-anticipated treats.

The first of the two s’mores flavors is a crispy graham cookie dipped in a thin layer of crème icing, and then in a layer of creamy chocolate. One staffer described it as having a “very subtle s’mores flavor, but pretty good.”

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He favored it over the second cookie, which is sandwich-style with graham cracker cookies surrounding a layer of marshmallow and a layer of chocolate. A staffer says this one had a “strong marshmallow flavor” while another says “it’d be perfect for dipping in a glass of milk.”

If you’re not a fan of s’mores in general, don’t fret. Girl Scouts also have 10 more of their best-selling flavors to offer while Pillsbury recently released baking mixes and General Mills released cereal to cover all of your cookie season needs.

The diet starts next month.