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Updated December 08, 2020 12:59 PM

Hold on to your sashes: Starting in January, it will be possible to buy Girl Scout cookies online.

For decades, girl scouts have relied on sales methods such as setting up tables outside supermarkets, sending order forms to their parents’ workplaces and, of course, going door to door. But today Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) announced the launch of Digital Cookie, a new program that will allow scouts to sell their treats online.

Depending on their governing council’s preferences — GSUSA reports that “the majority” of the 112 nationwide councils will be participating — scouts may either set up their own websites or use a mobile app to facilitate credit-card processing and direct shipping when they are selling in person.

To help ensure safety, web site access will be permitted by e-mail invitation only and scouts will not be allowed to post any identifying information about themselves. Additionally, caregivers must also approve any updates or changes to their children’s web sites.

Girl-scout cookie sales total almost $800 million dollars each year, the organization reports, and online sales are expected to increase revenue even more.

The current cookie program is designed to teach girls business skills such as decision making and money management (GSUSA says that more than two-thirds of the female CEOs on the Fortune 500 once peddled the popular treats). CEO Anna Maria Chávez says that the expansion into digital will continue to help build skills that translate to the workplace. A customer buying online “could be helping to prepare the next female leader of a global tech giant,” she said in a statement.

Responses were mixed on the GSUSA’s official Facebook page were mixed. “Finally. The girl scouts enter this century,” wrote one user, while others seemed concerned about the possible lack of personal interaction. “I have seen shy girls blossom into self-assured girls from the [cookie selling] experience,” wrote another. “This is great for out-of-state relatives, though,” she added.

Don’t know any local girl scouts? Download the new Cookie Finder app (available on iTunes or Google Play) to find in-person sales in your area or check out the GSUSA’s web site where you can search by zipcode to find which councils will be selling online.

The only problem: If ordering is as simple as a few clicks, we’re going to end up with cases of Samoas and Thin Mints piled on our doorstep.

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—Lexi Dwyer