Girl Scout Cookie Sneakers Are Coming to Make Your Shoe Game a Whole Lot Sweeter

Girl Scouts USA announced its partnership with K-Swiss to create three designs inspired by the iconic cookies.

Girl Scout cookie shoes
Photo: K-Swiss

These shoes are super sweet.

Girl Scouts USA and K-Swiss have partnered up to launch a new cookie-inspired shoe line: Girl Scout x K-Swiss Court 66. The collection features three fresh sneaker designs inspired by some of the Girl Scouts' most beloved cookies — Trefoils, Caramel deLites/Samosas, and Thin Mints.

"At K-Swiss we believe that entrepreneurship is the new aspiration of young people, our target audience," Barney Waters, President of K-swiss said in a press release. "The Girl Scout cookie program teaches important lessons of entrepreneurship early on, and so it was a program we wanted to support in a creative way."

Girl Scout cookie shoes

The Trefoils-inspired shoes feature a light-tan premium soft suede material and are embossed with the cookie's signature design on the side. The Caramel deLites-inspired shoes are burnt-orange in color with magenta laces to match the cookies' box. Finally, the Thin Mints-inspired shoes feature a delicate mint green colored suede material that is studded with brown dots along the lining.

The collection will be available starting March 1 at, and

New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor
Toast-Yay! Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scouts of the USA

Beyond this collaboration, Girl Scouts are doing some big things for this year's cookie season, including launching delivery for the first time by collaborating with Grubhub.

The line-up has also expanded with a new flavor: Toast-Yay! Inspired by French toast, the new cookies are shaped like mini toast slices and dipped in rich icing on one side.

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