Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Cereals Will Soon Be a Thing


Mark this down as the best news to hear on a Monday: Girl Scout Cookie-flavored cereal is imminent.

According to the junk food-obsessed Instagram account CandyHunting, General Mills has teamed up with Girl Scouts to release two flavors of cookie-inspired cereal in January 2017, proving to Americans that not all news in this grueling election year is bad news.

The cereal company has confirmed that both Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch (which replicate the flavor of Samoas) will be turned into cereal form, with more information coming closer to the launch date. All we can say is: Bring. It. On.

Girl Scouts also recently announced even more happy news when they revealed another cookie flavor will be added to the 2017 lineup. Two different kinds of S’mores cookies will join the 10-cookie flavor collection in 2017 and bring happiness to tummies everywhere.

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But if you just can’t wait for the New Year, Pillsbury also unveiled Girl Scout baking mixes earlier this year so you can enjoy the simple things in life that much sooner.

As if we weren’t looking forward to the New Year enough, we think it’s officially time to start the countdown.

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