Gilmore Girls coffee cup

Gilmore Girls fans still have a few more weeks to wait until the much-anticipated revivalseries debuts on Netflix, but today, they got something that’s almost as good: a chance to try the coffee at Luke’s Diner for themselves.

On Wednesday, over 100 coffee shops across the United States and Canada have transformed themselves into the Lorelai and Rory’s regular spot for the day. Well, they put up a cardboard cutout of Luke in the shop and mandated that all guests keep their cell phones tucked away, at least — quite a request for 2016! The shops gave out free coffee to the first 150 customers, but plenty more were willing to wait (and pay) to get their chance at a Luke’s coffee cup.

A few fans in the PEOPLE offices went to check it out ourselves, and can confirm it was complete madness: One location had a line wrapped around the block (at least 100 people deep!) and another was out of free coffee Gilmore-inspired cups by 9:30 a.m.

Despite the craziness, fans clearly thought it was worth it: Though it may not be an actual trip to Stars Hollow, it’s about as close as many of us will get.

The stores were decked out for the occasion, complete with authentic Luke’s decor.


His rules had been updated to reflect our 2016 trends: Food photos, practically glued-to-your-ears headphones, and of course, man buns.

The lines were long.

Like, really long.

The cups had Gilmore quotes on them — all coffee related, of course!

Once they reached the end of the, people were pretty psyched.

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And of course, Gilmore fans everywhere couldn’t resist getting their ‘gram on once their got their cups.

People recognized that the whole thing was a little crazy — but just couldn’t bring themselves to care.

While Lorelai and Rory would never have to wait in line for Luke’s coffee (perks of dating the owner!) it seems thatfans of the show have just as bad of a caffeine addiction as the characters.