By peoplestaff225
Updated March 22, 2016 02:24 PM

If you consider yourself a world-class eater, dream of being able to enjoy a cheeseburger and cup of coffee at Luke’s Diner, or hope that one day you too will get to enjoy four Thanksgivings, we’ve got some great news for you.

Kristi Carlson, a baker, caterer and fellow Gilmore Girls fanatic wants to ensure you can enjoy the new Netflix episodes of the show as they were meant to be enjoyed — alongside a hot, Gilmore-inspired meal — and is raising money on Kickstarter.

Her new cookbook, Eat Like a Gilmore, will be divided into three sections, reflecting the main sources of food for Lorelai and Rory: food you might find at a small-town diner (think burgers and fries), gourmet meals to serve at Friday night dinner (i.e. salmon puffs) and the kind of adventurous, quirky fare that you could order at an independently-owned inn (like mac n’cheese in a jalapeño chipotle cheese sauce).

“I’ve already spent a few months experimenting with these foods — to test the feasibility of this endeavor. And, let me tell you, the results have all been utterly delicious,” Carlson said on her page, which also features a video in which she channels Luke, Sookie and all three generations of Gilmore women.

She is hoping to raise $20,000 in 25 days to help bring a little bit of Stars Hollow into our kitchens, and as of Tuesday morning, has already collected over $13,500 from fellow Gilmore die-hards.

“This project is specifically designed for people like me – who love the same two things – and who recognize that food is its own quirky, ever-present character in that world,” Carlson said. And, if you make those recipes while binge-watching the new season on Netflix, it’ll bring you just a little bit closer to your dream of watching TV and eating pizza on the couch with Lorelai and Rory.