The model shared that her previous favorite burger joint J.G. Melon has been dethroned

By Madison Roberts
April 26, 2018 04:44 PM

For over two years, J.G. Melon sat at the top of Gigi Hadid’s favorite burgers in New York City list. But as of Wednesday night, it appears that the Manhattan restaurant has been dethroned.

First, a little burger history to bring you up to speed: In 2016, Hadid celebrated her 21st birthday on The Tonight Show by chowing down on her beloved J.G. Melon burgers with Jimmy Fallon—and admitting that she loves burgers so much that when she first moved to New York City, she tried a new burger every week before settling on a favorite.

Back to current times: In a cryptic tweet sent to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, Hadid announced that she had a “‘Best Burger in NY’ update.” She signed off with a “Talk soon,” hinting that she would share specifics the next time she appears on the late-night show.

Fallon responded with his own ambiguous tweet of just two simple words: “I do.”


Since Hadid didn’t actually reveal the name of her new favorite burger and we simply can’t wait for a future appearance to get the details, we put on our best burger detective caps and began investigating all the meaty clues she—and the Hadid-adjacent—left behind on social media.

Last night, sister Bella Hadid posted a series of photos to her Instagram stories, documenting their group’s dinner out in New York. The night’s meal included heaping servings of cacio e pepe pasta topped with a fried egg, crab cakes, a sizzling shrimp scampi, and … plates of burgers highlighted with a prominent “#1!!!!!!” caption. (Oh, hmm. That didn’t take long to find.)

Gigi Hadid/Instagram
Gigi Hadid/Instagram

One look at their meal and the cozy interiors of the restaurant, and we knew we’d found the spot: 4 Charles Prime Rib, an exclusive supper club in Manhattan’s West Village.

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The restaurant’s popular American Cheeseburger—which has been named to numerous best burger lists since it debuted early last year—features two four-ounce patties of prime beef, topped with pickles, onions, and American cheese, with lettuce and tomato available upon request (hold the tomato for Gigi) and is priced at $19.95.

Have we solved the Great Hadid Burger Mystery that easily? While we won’t know for sure until the model shares her answer with the world, we feel pretty confident that we’ve nailed this one. (High fives all around!) And we take extra comfort in knowing that Hadid is still living by the motto she shared on Fallon’s show all those years ago: “Eat clean to stay fit. Eat a burger to stay sane.”