Giada De Laurentiis and Boyfriend Shane Farley Don't Agree on TikTok's 'Healthy Coke'

The TikTok trend — which mixes sparkling water and balsamic vinegar — is the latest drink to go viral on the platform

Giada De Laurentiis tries the healthy coke alternative
Photo: tiktok

Giada De Laurentiis tried the new "healthy coke" trend that's viral on TikTok, and she can't stop raving about it.

The Food Network star decided to try the drink — which combines balsamic vinegar and seltzer to create what some TikTokers claim tastes like a "healthy Coke" — and she posted a video of her taste test. "Had to try it and…I love it!!" De Laurentiis captioned the post.

The Giadzy owner opened the video in her bar nook. "Alright, so I'm going to try this new TikTok trend," she said. "I pride myself on really good balsamic vinegars and olive oils, so I'm using one of mine."

She then took viewers through what two ingredients she poured into her glass.

Giada De Laurentiis tries the healthy coke alternative

"Splash of balsamic vinegar," she said as she drizzled it into a round glass full of ice. "And then any sparkling drink. I'm using what I have, which is SanPellegrino."

After she stirred the mixture together using a long bar spoon, she said, "It looks like a coke," and then took a much-anticipated taste.

After she sipped from the glass, she looked at the camera with a surprised grin. "It's really good," she said. She even repeated her stellar review because she was so shocked by the outcome. "It's really good! And I didn't even use a flavored sparkling water," she added.

A big reason why she liked it so much? She claims the balsamic vinegar from her lifestyle website, Giadzy, elevates the flavor. "I think it has to do with what kind of balsamic vinegar you use," she said, giving a subtle plug.

De Laurentiis couldn't get enough of the drink. She even took another sip before offering it to her boyfriend, Shane Farley. "Shane, you want to try it? It's really good," she said.

Farley was open to tasting it, but said, "I'm going to be really honest." De Laurentiis, who said the "healthy Coke" was "delicious" and "syrupy," obviously couldn't sway her partner's opinion.

Farley took a few sips, got really silent and looked up wide-eyed at De Laurentiis, clearly not enjoying the beverage. After a ton of laughs from De Laurentiis, Farley voiced his review. "I don't know about this," he said. "I don't know because maybe I just was watching her make it, and it just seemed crazy to me, so that might be throwing me. But I don't know."

The TV producer even shared the video to his own Instagram and emphasized his dislike of the viral drink in the caption. "We don't always agree," he joked.

Despite their disagreement, De Laurentiis still closed off the video, gushing over the latest TikTok trend.

"I love it," De Laurentiis said. "It taste like a cherry sparkling soda."

The healthy Coca-Cola trend first gained popularity in June when TikTok user Amanda Jones shared a recipe for a healthy soda alternative. Her video, which already has over 615,000 likes, details how to make the "healthy alternative to a Coke," which she learned from her pilates instructor.

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Jones is aware of how unusual the mixture sounds. "You're going to think I'm insane," she admitted while preparing the drink.

And it's definitely garnered mixed reactions on TikTok, including from TikTok user @nutritionbykylie who rated the drink a "2/10," and said that it tasted like "carbonated balsamic vinegar."

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager even tried the coke alternative on Today with Hoda & Jenna, but were not happy with the results.

After just one sip, the pair winced. "Ugh it tastes like vinegar," Kotb said. Bush agreed and claimed, "This is not a Coke!"

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