No Backyard? This $29 Indoor Grill Sears Burgers and Hot Dogs to Perfection in Minutes

Over 15,600 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with it
By Sanah Faroke
July 13, 2021 09:00 PM
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Summer just isn't summer without grilling burgers, hot dogs, and veggies. But if you don't have a backyard, grilling outside may be difficult. That's where indoor grills come in handy, because they allow you to sear steaks or grill squash in the comfort of your own home (and air conditioning). If you're shopping for an indoor grill, the $29 George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill is trusted by over 15,600 Amazon shoppers who use it constantly. 

George Foreman grills are undeniably popular for perfectly searing meats and vegetables in minutes. And for the price, the brand simply can't be beat. The $29 indoor grill and panini press does more than many others in its category, and avoids the cleanup woes and cooking times of traditional grills. The electric grill preheats as soon as it's plugged in, and cooks everything from burgers to chicken breasts in as little as 10 minutes, earning it praise from reviewers who call it the "best indoor grill ever."

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill, $28.97; 

The grill's compact size is ideal for one or two people, according to reviewers who love to cook with it. The plates are large enough to grill up to four burger patties at a once, cutting the usual cook time in half. The end result? A "juicy and delicious" meal for two. Even better, the indoor grill can be used as a panini press for hot sandwiches and gooey grilled cheeses. It's no wonder shoppers call the multipurpose grill their "new favorite appliance."

Grilling is typically a summer activity that anyone can enjoy, but health-conscious cooks also appreciate the portable grill year-round. Grilling is one of the best ways to enjoy meat and poultry since it creates deeper flavors without overwhelming the ingredients with oils or excess breading.. The George Foreman grill plates have a slanted design that guides liquids straight into the dishwasher-safe drip tray. Plus, the plates are made with a nonstick coating, which means adding less oil. 

"It cooks flawlessly and so quickly that you really have to keep your eyes on the meat so it does not burn," writes one Amazon shopper. "I love the fact that it gives grill marks on burgers, franks, chops, steaks, and the like… Cleanup is a cinch."

Speaking of cleanup, many shoppers are extremely impressed with the easy-to-clean removable plates that look as good as new in minutes. Just place them in hot, soapy water to soak before wiping clean and laying it to dry, or let the dishwasher take care of it. You can't do that with an outdoor grill!

"I didn't even need a new one, but really wanted one you could pop the plates off," writes another reviewer. "Worth every penny! It works as well as any [George Foreman] I've used, and the cleanup is so easy, I use it way more often than any other I've had."

Cater to your summer cravings and get the George Foreman indoor grill that's only $29 on Amazon.

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