Gal Gadot Launches New Line of Healthier Mac and Cheese, GOODLES

Gal Gadot and her husband Jaron Varsano's new line of boxed mac and cheese packs 6g of fiber and 14g of protein

Gal Gadot mac and cheese Goodles
Photo: Goodles

Gal Gadot's secret weapon to eating healthy: mac and cheese.

The Wonder Woman actress and her husband Jaron Varsano announced the release of GOODLES, a mac and cheese brand that is as easy as traditional boxed pasta but is nutrient-rich and protein-packed.

Their new brand, which dropped on Tuesday, includes four flavors all made with vegetables like kale, spinach and maitake mushrooms, and real cheese. Gadot's two favorites are Cheddy Mac, classic cheddar cheese and macaroni noodles, and Mover & Shaker, a cacio e pepe-inspired mac and cheese. The other two varieties are Twist My Parm, which has asiago and parmesan cheese and spiral noodles, and Shella Good, shell noodles with white cheddar cheese.

Prices start at $20 for a four-pack.

The project came naturally to Gadot as a lifelong mac and cheese lover, she tells PEOPLE. "I remember, when I was just 6 years old and living in Israel, my aunt and uncle, who lived in America, came to visit and brought a huge bag full of boxes of mac and cheese," she says. "That is how much I loved mac and cheese."

Her obsession only grew later in life as she welcomed her three daughters, Alma, 9, Maya, 4, and Daniella, 4 months, but she craved a healthier option. "Becoming a woman who cares about what I consume and as a mother of three, I care about what I feed my family," she says. "Mac and cheese is delicious but it is really bad for you so I was always looking for a better and healthier alternative."

Gal Gadot mac and cheese Goodles

The couple is passionate about GOODLES because of their entrepreneurial nature, according to the actress. "My husband and I are always looking to get involved and invest in companies that are being innovative but also bringing something positive to the world," she says.

GOODLES is their newest positive endeavor, and they did not do it alone. Gadot and Varsano teamed up with a reputable team of partners with plenty of food (specifically mac and cheese!) experience. The GOODLES team includes Annie's co-founder and former president Deb Luster (GOODLES CIO), former Cerebelly CEO Jen Zeszut (GOODLES CEO and co-founder) and former Kraft brand executive Paul Earle (GOODLES co-founder and board director).

Each serving of GOODLES packs 6g of fiber and 14g of protein — which makes it a "really great post-workout snack," according to Gadot.

"I don't like to get frustrated, I like to take action," she adds of starting her company. "It is not just that we wanted to invest in this company, we are true partners and cofounders and doing everything that it takes to produce a product that tastes like the mac and cheese you know and love but it is good for you."

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