A truck driver gave an Arkansas highway a pizza his mind this week.

By Lindsay Kimble
August 10, 2017 01:00 PM

A truck driver gave an Arkansas highway a pizza his mind this week.

Department of Transportation employees were left handling a very messy – and delicious – cleanup on Wednesday after a truck carrying hundreds of frozen Tombstone and DiGiorno pizzas crashed on Interstate 30 in Little Rock, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Though no one was injured in the accident, traffic was stalled for miles after the truck hit an overpass, ripping apart the trailer and spilling pizzas onto the road.

Arkansas DoT spokesperson Danny Straessle jokingly reported “lots of pizza fatalities” following the incident.

Credit: Rusty Hubbard/Arkansas Department of Transportation/AP

Twitter users were quick to issue some cheesy jokes about the incident, with one woman writing, “it’s not delivery, it’s 1000 DiGiorno!”

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Unfortunately, the pizzas were not quite good enough to eat. Wrote local reporter Winnie Wright, “The pizzas have been run over and many have diesel fluid on them, so there won’t be pizza for dinner for any of us.”