TikTok's latest viral trend is too simple not to test out for yourself

frozen honey trend
Credit: Eloise Fouladgar/TikTok

We've seen creamy lemonade, whipped coffee, and innovative wraps, but now food TikTok has a new trend to try out this summer that's sure to bee one of your favorites: frozen honey.

The sweet phenomenon is taking over the app, and it's easy to see why. It doesn't require nearly as much effort as past trends, uses just one ingredient, and is a cool snack for these hot days. All you need is patience while you wait to take your honey out of the freezer. 

While some users have been squeezing honey into an empty plastic water bottle and popping it in the freezer, others have been going all in and freezing the full container without taking any out first. After waiting for the honey to solidify, TikTokers trying the trend are posting videos of the end result, which is more of a cold jelly than a frozen popsicle. 

But depending on how long you freeze the honey — some users have been keeping it cool for as little as two hours or as long as a full day — it can be anywhere from gelatinous and sticky to more of a solid consistency.

One of the earlier users to try out the latest trend was @daveyrz who posted his own frozen jelly video as an attempt to "attract some bees" with the sweet trick on July 11. Since then, he's gone on to post multiple takes on the frozen honey hack, including colored frozen honey, frozen syrup, and more. 

Dawn Farmer also tested out the frozen honey hack for her followers and it garnered over 7 million views. In her video, she squeezes honey from a container and adds it to a water bottle before placing it in the freezer overnight. In part two of her video, she begins squeezing out the chilled honey and then takes a bite. "Tastes like candy honey," she says in the clip. "I can see the hype. It's so sweet so if you don't like sweet things you probably wouldn't like it but it's rock solid and really good."

"It's stunning," she adds. 

Plenty of TikTokers have been keeping the hack simple, but some users have been adding their own twist to frozen honey, experimenting with new colors and recipes. Eloise Fouladgar tested out the original hack before putting a bubble tea spin on it. She combined tea, corn starch and boba, and then froze the whole mixture till it was a jelly consistency.

While you can do anything from making pickle frozen honey to a frozen honey iced latte, you don't need anything fancy for this viral hack. Odds are, you have exactly what you need to try out the latest TikTok trend right in your pantry.