July 06, 2015 02:04 PM

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At least cake tastes delicious no matter what it looks like.

That is the only consolation we can muster for the tragic cake posted by Reddit user OfficialBigHead, which was meant to resemble Frozen‘s Queen Elsa but instead looked like a misshapen, disillusioned alien woman with carelessly drawn-on eyebrows and a cheap spray tan.

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The cake was clearly supposed to look like the Elsa pictured on McGreevy Cakes, a cake-decorating website that offers step-by-step tutorials, yet the end result fell quite a bit short.

“The cake that was ordered and the cake that arrived,” is all the Reddit post reads, which has already accumulated over 2,206 comments. Reddit user ViciousPuddin noted: “The sad thing is, as horrific as it looks, someone put serious time into making that cake. Every misshapen blob, every terrifying curve and flourish. There are hours and hours of terrible craftsmanship here.”

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We only pray that this cake wasn’t immediately disposed of. We believe that all cake should be eaten, regardless of how disturbing it looks.

—Maria Yagoda

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