Froot Loop Ice Pops Have Arrived to Get You Through the Rest of Summer

They taste just like a frozen bowl of cereal

Fruit Loops ice pops
Photo: I Need a Snack/Instagram

Kellogg's has been on a roll this year with new Froot Loop products — from Froot Loop Pop-Tarts to Froot Loop Peeps — and now Froot Loop ice pops are here to cool you down during the summer heatwave.

Food Instagram account @i_need_a_snack recently discovered these fruity pops are her local Dollar Tree. Each colorful box includes eight pops for just $1. Though there are four different colors (green, purple, orange, and red) there doesn't seem to be any flavor difference.

Fruit Loops ice pops
I Need a Snack/Instagram

The Instagram user gave a full review and said that the pops smelled exactly like a bowl of Froot Loops cereal, but were also a little odd. "Now I wanna say that these are good but they’re also just weirdddd lol," they wrote." I honestly believe Froot Loops should only be in creamy Ice cream not Ice Pops, in the Ice Pops it just seems so weird and out of place. Now that said I don’t mean they are bad there actually good they're just strange."

In the end, the pops were rated 7.5/10. "Overall these are really cool and I love to see @kelloggsus try new things!"

If you'd rather stick to enjoying Froot Loops in cereal form, the new Froot Loops & Frosted Flakes mashup is here to satisfy all your sugary cravings. The new breakfast creation features both of the cereals' fan-favorite mascots Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam on the box and a surprisingly delicious flavor combination.

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