French's Created a Mustard-Flavored Ice Cream and We Reluctantly Tasted It

Yes, this is real.

National food holidays have come to dominate the calendar year round, with companies using the seemingly arbitrary dates as an opportunity to pull their most outrageous stunts — and National Mustard Day, it would appear, is no different.

French’s, America’s largest manufacturer of mustard, has teamed up with L.A.-based ice cream company Coolhaus to create a product hybrid that is high in shock value. During the week of August 3 (National Mustard Day), they will be serving scoops of yellow mustard-flavored ice cream to customers in New York City and Los Angeles.

While this is a combination that certainly no one asked for, could it be that these two have been destined for each other this whole time, but they’ve just been too blind to see it?

mustard ice cream

Here at PEOPLE, we got a sneak preview of this insanity ahead of the holiday—and (*spoiler alert*) it’s actually not that bad. The initial flavor you experience is not mustard, but sweet hints of cotton candy and bubble gum ice cream. Once you get to bites two or three, though, it really hits you: that unmistakable tang that makes you want a hot dog real bad.

The general consensus is that we didn’t hate it. It weirdly kind of works, in its own special way. One scoop is definitely fun and doable, but two scoops might be pushing it a bit.

mustard ice cream

The mustard ice cream is available at Coolhaus’s location in Culver City, California, from August 2-4 and August 9-11. In New York City, there will be ice cream trucks hanging out at Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle on August 1, then at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Madison Square Park on August 2. On August 3, the trucks will move to yet-to-be-determined locations in the Hamptons.

To round out the dish, the ice cream will be served with a pretzel cookie, a nod to the classic mustard-and-pretzel combination.

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