Who doesn't want a Fudgie the Whale cake on their birthday?

By Ana Calderone
September 06, 2018 11:48 AM
Credit: Carvel

September babies, listen up!

If your birthday is fast approaching, you could be eligible to win a free Carvel cake to help you celebrate. The ice cream company is choosing 50 fans with birthdays in September to win a $50 gift card to put towards one of their classic cakes. The catch is that you have to be part of their Fudge Fanatics email club to be considered.

Luckily, sign up is extremely easy—just enter your info, and Carvel will throw you into the pool to be randomly selected later this month. Winners can customize their confection any which way they like, whether they want a Fudgie the Whale cake or a classic vanilla ice cream cake with the chain’s beloved chocolate crunchies.

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If you’re feeling slighted because you were born in one of the other 11 months in the year, Carvel does have a decent reason for offering this particular deal. According to research collected by data journalist Matt Stiles, September is the most popular month for birthdays. In fact, the week and a half between September 9 and September 20 contains nine of the top ten birthdays in America.

If you’re already doing the math in your head, we’ll save you the trouble: It’s likely that those babies were conceived around the holiday season.