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August 25, 2017 03:58 PM

Freddie Prinze Jr. is all about living a healthy lifestyle—with some exceptions.

When PEOPLE caught up with the heartthrob as he partnered up with Dunkin Donuts to promote their new Brew-It-Yourself cold brew, he dished on how staying clear of alcohol has helped him maintain his physique. The only time he’ll have a drink or two, he says, is on date night with his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“When guys say, ‘Hey, man, how are you in good shape?’ I say ‘Well, I don’t drink. I really don’t. I’ll have some sake with my wife every once in a while but other than that [I don’t],” he says.

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Saving up those alcohol calories for a night on the town with Gellar makes it that much more special. “When my wife and I go on our dates, we’re usually going to sushi—that’s kind of our favorite thing to do together,” he says. “We get a little bit of cold sake and some sushi and make sure we park far away from the restaurant so we can walk a bit after like we used to when we lived here in New York.”

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Though holding off on the wine and brews does it for the cookbook author, he knows it can feel extreme. “I say, ‘Dude, you’ll lose weight quick.’ And guys are like, ‘Well, that ain’t happening,” he says. “I understand that, if you want to have a beer, have a beer!”

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If you’re on a health-kick but cutting the booze sounds like punishment, Prinze Jr. has a slightly easier tip: take it easy on the butter. “Remove butter from the equation, you don’t need it. It really isn’t going to make food taste better,” he says. “I know everybody loves it and I love it too but I cook 99% of everything I make without it and nobody complains about my food.”

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